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We buy Companies! Investors generate a return on investment in one of FOUR ways; 

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Venture Advocates is building an Angel Syndicate.... a network of investors that reviews acquisition data and determines whether to commit the capital required to finance current acquisition opportunities, either through equity (stock), debt (loans), gifts (donations), or Acquisition (Purchase).

Venture Advocates then further leverages that investment capital by utilizing seller financing, conventional bank financing, or other sources of senior/mezzanine debt to complete transactions.  The financing criteria for each acquisition is different.  As an Investor, you will have the chance to see the deal structure for each acquisition.  Then you can determine if you want to invest, how you want to invest, and finally, how much to invest. 


As with most for-profit companies, investors giving money as Stockholders are paid distributions from profit based on their percent ownership.


As a Lender, the investor agrees to loan money to Venture Advocates at a pre-defined percentage rate that is typically far above the rates that the investor would receive through traditional lending/banking sources.


Investors giving as Donors choose to make tax free contributions to the Venture Advocates Foundation to offset personal taxes and capital gains.  As a non-profit entity, the Venture Advocates Foundation can receive tax free contributions similar to that of churches and missional organizations.


Unlike passive Investors, where the company is acquired and managed by Venture Advocates, we market great companies for acquisition to Buyers seeking to buy and run a company of their own.