Venture Advocates is a private equity group that through a network of investors, buys and manages very profitable companies where the profits maximize sustainable social impact for great causes


Profits with a Purpose

Venture Advocates has developed a network of charitable and impact driven investors that together buy and build privately held for-profit companies in the lower middle market by leveraging investment capital from both institutional and private Investors.


Our Target Companies

Venture Advocates has identified a niche in how companies in the ‘lower middle market’ are acquired and managed.  There are many great companies that are too large for individuals to purchase, but are too small to meet the minimum investment criteria of large institutional Investors.


Options for Investors

Venture Advocates continues to develop an Investor network that reviews acquisition data and determines whether to commit the capital required to finance current acquisition opportunities, either through equity (stock), debt (loans), or gifts (donations).  


Our Mission

The VA model is exceptional in that it creates economic engines where investments are both sustainable and reproducible.


Instead of great causes having to rely on continuous financial support to sustain operations, our portfolio companies produce recurring profits required for amazing causes to sustain and grow.  Investments made once will continue to generate returns.


Every Deal is Different

The Leveraged Buy-Out, the Partial Buy-Out, and the Seller Financed Buy-Out are just a few of the many creative options available to the parties to accomplish their acquisition objectives.