VENTURE ADVOCATES' BUSINESS Valuation Reports are a must if you are contemplating selling a business, BUYing A BUSINESS, bringing on or buying out a partner, or are just planning for the future.   

Business valuations are step one in your exit planning strategy.

Business valuations are step one in your exit planning strategy.


Do you need something more robust that can hold up to the scrutiny of the IRS or litigation?   

If you require a certified valuation for IRS, Estate Tax, Divorce, or Partnership Dispute, we work in partnership with one of the largest providers of certified business valuations and machinery & equipment appraisals.

Our Summary Valuation Reports are not certified and do not conform to USPAP and IRS guidelines.  They will not be defended for litigation. 

However, these reports are much more cost effective than a certified valuation, and most people don't need that robust of a report.  Our valuation reports are a perfect tool for internal purposes to establish a benchmark for growth, to plan for the future, to negotiate with partners, and to determine whether you should consider selling or buying a business. 

Business valuations are the first step in your exit planning process. To learn more about the process of business valuations, read our blog post here.