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Questions to ask when buying a business

At Venture Advocates, we like to sit down with our sellers and create a video that truly interested buyers can watch. Often this video will answer many of the questions that a buyer has about the business they’re considering purchasing. However, on the off chance you’re out there on your own talking to a business owner, here are questions you may want to ask:

Real Businesses Bleed Black

Real businesses make products and sell them for a profit. They focus on customers, revenue and profitability not investors, valuations and the next fundable milestone. Real businesses prioritize their customer’s needs over their customer’s eyeballs. They have a functioning business model, not a believable financial model. Real businesses want to stay in business, not run for the exit. They create their own source of funding and don’t have to ask anyone for permission to exist. We believe real businesses make really great investments.  We believe that companies with a focus on making a product customers love and selling it at a profit from the very beginning have a distinct long term advantage over those who don't.  .........

Private equity firms increasingly investing in social impact

In the popular imagination, venture capitalists are all sharp-suited "greed is good" spouting Gordon Gekko-types, buying distressed businesses or household brands before stripping them bare and slashing employees to turn a quick buck.

But all this antipathy towards private equity however distracts from its rather sober, utilitarian aims: to turn a flagging enterprise into a flagship of success. Private equity is meant to inject working capital into a promising business and refine products, operations or management, while keeping shareholders suitably compensated for their risk taking.............

2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey

Each year the results of our Annual Impact Investor Survey are eagerly awaited as the data offer an increasingly descriptive view of a dynamic and evolving impact investment market. At the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), we are often encouraged by the survey findings, pleased to see indications that the market will realize the potential we envisioned for it years ago..........