Businesses for Sale in Grand Junction

Are you looking for a business for sale in Grand Junction?

Venture advocates will help you to define your criteria for a successful acquisition, including geographic area, industry, skill set, required cash flow, and size of business to match your financial resources. 


  • The buyer completes a Buyer Profile, signs a Confidentiality Agreement, and is qualified based on experience and access to financial resources prior to introduction to businesses and sellers.

  • The Confidential Business Review and Video Tour is provided for the buyer's examination.

  • Venture Advocates arranges an initial discreet introduction between the buyer and the client company via our office, their office, email or telephone.

  • Facility tours and initial meetings between buyers and sellers are arranged.

  • Seller and acquirer exchange relevant information.

  • A Letter of Intent is prepared, presented, negotiated and executed.

  • Acquirer performs due diligence.

  • The definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement is negotiated with assistance of VA and the legal counsel of the seller and buyer.

  • Closing documents are prepared and executed.·

  • Transaction is closed.

To find current businesses for sale in Grand Junction, click here.

Venture Advocates would love to provide further information for each and every business for sale that you have interest in.  For us to do so, each Seller requires that we get a Buyer Profile and Non-Disclosure Statement completed before disclosing information about their business.  Please contact us below to receive and complete the required information.  We will then be able to discuss any information that you need on any of our current listings.  Plus, once you are in our confidential buyer database, we will be able to contact you anytime that new listings come in matching your requirements.  

Buyer Profile Registration Instructions

  1. Click the Button below to download the buyer profile

  2. Download, Print, and Fill out the form

  3. Send completed form to